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Have Technology Questions?

For information about technology services, how-to guides, and online and in-person training options, please visit the Information Technology Services section in the Campus Resources tab of MyDenison .


BigRedID? What's That?

It's your single key to many of Denison's networked applications and resources. Simply put it's your Denison email address without the "".

For example, student Jane Doe's email address is Her BigRedID is just doe_j1.

Likewise, employee John Doe's email address is His BigRedID is just doej.

Where can I use it?

Where do I get my BigRedID and password?

The college will present you with a BigRedID and your initial password during your entrance to campus.

Don't know your BigRedID or password?

Please contact the ITS Help Desk at 740-587-6395 or


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